Nebraska Safari Club International

First For Hunters

Melissa Bachman hosts 2019 Fundraiser January 25 & 26, 2019 at Beardmore Event Center Bellevue, Nebraska


Hunters' Rights

SCI is the watch dog for hunters' rights.  Our litigation staff is ever watchful for state, national and international policy that will impede sustainable conservation and the rights of hunters.

Scientific, Sustainable Conservation

SCI is dedicated to scientific and sustainable conservation.  By employing the finest  scientific  research, SCI advocates for the conservation of all species and their habitats.  Thus creating a sustainable population of all creatures large and small!

Outdoor Education

SCIF/Sables is passionate about outdoor education.  While one component is hunting, Sables Education realizes the importance of introducing people to the outdoors. Therefore, the American Wilderness Leadership School, which is located in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, introduces and teaches educators the importance of outdoor education and assists them in implementing outdoor education in their classrooms..



While located in Omaha, anyone with a heart for conservation, outdoor education or hunters' advocacy may join. our chapter  Nebraska Chapter Safari Club International is one chapter in an international organization dedicated to conservation and hunters' rights.  First for Hunters, Safari Club International focuses on litigation for not only hunters' rights, but also, for scientific and sustainable conservation throughout the globe.  Lastly, SCI is the leader in outdoor education.  SCI Sables provides continuing education for educators through out the nation.  This education teaches teachers the importance of outdoor education.

Board of Directors

Mary L. Middleton
Greg Middleton
Trent Leichleitter
Mike Bean
Steve Bazis
Steve Bazis
Mike Wincek
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 About Safari Club International

Nebraska Chapter Safai Club International is one of several chapters in our parent organization, Safari Club International.  WHile our chapter has approximately 200 members, our parent organization boasts approximately 50,000 members worldwide.

Seventy percent (70%) of the funds raised by our chapter are used to benefit hunting and outdoor education for Nebraskans!  Unlike many conservation organizations, Safari Club International gives each chapter the autonomy to decide how best to use its funds!

Our  Nebraska Chapter SCI has historically placed an emphasis on outdoor and youth education projects and continues to do so today!





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:  (402) 214-8270

Tel: (402) 214-8270

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